Pinterest’s Six Sales Tools

Are You Using Them Effectively? The classic book (to many of us) is The Silent Sales Machine Hidden Inside Of EBay by Jim Cockrum. I was reminded of it when I started working on my new selling on Pinterest boot camp (spoiler alert) and I looked at the Pinterest Pin with an eye toward it’s selling attributesContinue reading “Pinterest’s Six Sales Tools”

Selling On Pinterest Just Got Easier (Pinterest Attribution)

According to an Inc. Magazine article about Etsy, (in April of 2011), the average Etsy seller makes just $785 per year. With those revenue numbers – imagine how important it is to get as much traffic to your Etsy Store & Listing as you can, critical, right?! According to RJMetrics and others Pinterest drives more trafficContinue reading “Selling On Pinterest Just Got Easier (Pinterest Attribution)”