Pinterest’s Six Sales Tools

Are You Using Them Effectively? The classic book (to many of us) is The Silent Sales Machine Hidden Inside Of EBay by Jim Cockrum. I was reminded of it when I started working on my new selling on Pinterest boot camp (spoiler alert) and I looked at the Pinterest Pin with an eye toward it’s selling attributesContinue reading “Pinterest’s Six Sales Tools”

Pinterest Helped Us Triple Our EBay Auction Results – Here’s Proof

True story. Let’s look at the data together. For our small business, (Liberty Jane Clothing), we have an element of our revenue that is tied to EBay. My wife & her amazing team of designers designs doll clothes and then each year we auction them in the Spring & Fall. See their portfolio here. So, let’sContinue reading “Pinterest Helped Us Triple Our EBay Auction Results – Here’s Proof”