Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 2 of 10

Advertising is salesmanship. The Ad is a salesman for you business or product. Therefore pinning content on Pinterest is salesmanship. And salesmanship has only got 1 goal – to make sales.” Social Media strategist can sometimes permit a lot of fuzzy thinking about the goal of the effort. But As Claude Hopkins points out inContinue reading “Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 2 of 10”

What Types Of Pins Are Most Popular?

If you go to, (a site a like a lot), and you look at the most influential people on Pinterest, and then you look at their most popular pins, and ask yourself this question, What type of Pin is the most popular?” You’ll discover that, at least for the top 10 most influential people,Continue reading “What Types Of Pins Are Most Popular?”

Pinterest Speaker Recommendation

  Just got this nice Pinterest speaker recommendation from Polly Traylor. She is doing a story for and asked me for an interview. Thanks Polly – much appreciated! Jason is a thoughtful and enthusiastic expert on social media marketing, especially Pinterest. Given his own experience promoting his wife’s business and doing research for hisContinue reading “Pinterest Speaker Recommendation”

Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 5 of 5, Visual Idea Virus

Let’s recap what we’ve learned in the 5 Part Pinterest Image Optimization Series: Part One: Always create blog posts or pages with a unique image or graphic so Pinterest users can share your content on Pinterest with their friends, followers, fans. Part Two: Do an 80/20 sweep of your old blog / website content andContinue reading “Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 5 of 5, Visual Idea Virus”