5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin

So we tried an experiment tonight and it’s clearly working…We found a picture that had a nice Christmas vibe, (it’s December 21st), so it fits. Here’s the pic out of Pinterest (right)… You’ll notice that in just a couple hours it has gotten 21 repins, 3 comments, and 3 likes. For us, that’s pretty good.Continue reading “5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator

So our Pinterest Marketing Plan is taking shape. We’ve got: 1. The Anchor 2. The Offer And today we want to talk about our third step – becoming better visual curators. Curator: (wikipedia) Traditionally a curator  is a content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material.  For our efforts in Pinterest, that hasContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator”