Marketing On Pinterest Using Youtube Videos

Yesterday I wrote about Marketing on Pinterest using Soundcloud audio clips, Today let’s look at marketing on Pinterest using Youtube videos. Using Youtube Effectively In Pinterest Your video content on Youtube can be a very effective marketing tool in Pinterest. It can be pinned by either you, or by your fans, followers or customers. TheContinue reading “Marketing On Pinterest Using Youtube Videos”

Marketing On Pinterest with Soundcloud Audio Clips

If you read my blog daily you might recall my post about using 4 modalities on Pinterest. Let me do a deeper dive into one of them today – Using Soundcloud audio clips to market your business on Pinterest. Uploading audio from Soundcloud to Pinterest The steps involved are pretty straightforward, but like anything, itContinue reading “Marketing On Pinterest with Soundcloud Audio Clips”

What Can You Pin? 4 Types Of Pinterest Content

With their June 20th site update, read about it here, Pinterest now allows you to pin 4 very different types of content. Are you using them all? I’m not (yet) but I plan to moving forward. 4 Types Of Pinterest Content: Pictures: The original and still the best content to pin. Pictures from your computer,Continue reading “What Can You Pin? 4 Types Of Pinterest Content”