Getting 500,000 Pinterest Followers – Yes You Can…

In case you’re wondering if there are “Pinterest Heavyweights” emerging? The answer is an emphatic YES ” … When we joined Pinterest we had a goal of getting to 1,000 followers, and we’re on our way. (You can check our progress here)… That’s an admirable goal, right? But how about 500,000 followers? Clearly it’s possible.Continue reading “Getting 500,000 Pinterest Followers – Yes You Can…”

Forget Keyword search, Pinterest offers Keypic search

So there is a great article here in Tech Crunch that outlines, “The Promise Of Pinterest”. Their primary suggestion is that Pinterest could turn into a new way to search for products, which would be a massive cultural and financial shift, (away from keyword searches to “key-pic searches”. Or I guess you could call them,Continue reading “Forget Keyword search, Pinterest offers Keypic search”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator

So our Pinterest Marketing Plan is taking shape. We’ve got: 1. The Anchor 2. The Offer And today we want to talk about our third step – becoming better visual curators. Curator: (wikipedia) Traditionally a curator  is a content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material.  For our efforts in Pinterest, that hasContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator”